Must-Do’s in Munich!

If you’re headed to the famous Oktoberfest in Munich, look no further than this article with my Top 10 Oktoberfest Tips.

However, if you’re planning a visit to Munich and Bavaria during another time of year, here are a collection of my very favorite things to do, see, eat and drink!

Where to Stay

First things first! My go-to hotel in Munich is definitely the Le Méridien Munich because it’s quite nice and close to both the train station and city center. You can’t go wrong!

Where to Eat

You honestly can’t go wrong with Bavarian food in Munich. There are pretzels, spatzle and schnitzel for days! One of my favorite restaurants is the Andescher Am Dom because it’s adorable, cozy and has DELICIOUS food. See for yourself!

What to Do

Let’s start off with what Munich is most famous for – the BEER! There are 6 main breweries in Munich (actually the only 6 that are allowed to sell at Oktoberfest as well) and all of them have Breweries within Munich that you can visit to have a beer, a bite or both!

Pro tip: The most popular by far with the tourists is Hofbrauhaus. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go because it’s definitely a wonderful experience, but through our beer-drinking adventures there we discovered that some of the others have fabulous beer and definitely aren’t as crowded! My personal favorites are Lowenbrau and Augustinerbrau.

I really love how walkable Munich is – you really can just roam around the city and get lost in it’s beauty!

It will be hard to miss, but definitely make sure you visit the the Marienplatz (central square) which also has the famous Rathaus-Glockenspiel clock! There is also some amazing gothic architecture.

Pro tip: Christmas markets in Europe are truly stunning! If you’re in Munich around the end of November to Christmas Eve, make sure you swing by. It’s right in the Marienplatz!

Around Munich & Bavaria

While I certainly love the city, I really love the surrounding Bavaria region. With its green rolling hills, alpine lakes, castles and happy cows – it’s truly a delight!

One of my favorite spots is Neuschwanstein Castle, which is about 1.5 hours by car from Munich. While the backstory of the castle is a bit odd (it was the home to the crazy King Ludwig II), it also served as the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. When you visit, you’ll see why – it’s stunning in every season!

Another GORGEOUS spot not to be missed are Lakes Königssee and Obersee, which are about 2 hours by car from Munich. These are glacial lakes that are truly gorgeous! You’ll take an electric boat through the super quiet valley. So quiet, that a trumpeterer will play along the way and you’ll hear the echo off of the mountains. You can get off at St. Bartholomä to see a beautiful church, but I recommend taking it all of the way to Salet so you can walk to Obersee which is an incredible mirror lake!

Have you been to Munich or Bavaria? Comment below with your favorite spots!

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