Copenhagen Highlights!

I have always had a love/hate relationship with cruises.  I love that I can see so many different places – and hate that I really can’t get immersed in any one place…except for the start/end ports!

Copenhagen happened to be the start/end of a Baltic cruise that I took in Summer 2016. Yes, I know this is an incredibly belated blog post.  But, if you’re planning to be in Copenhagen, check out some of these highlights!

My Favorite Sights:


  • This is the quintessential Copenhagen old harbor you see in all of the photos – the colors are gorgeous and all of the old ships make you feel like you’re an old world pirate.  We loved roaming around (there are a lot of little streets) and of course taking photos galore.


  • We also took a canal tour that started/ended here with Netto Boat Tours which I highly recommend.  It took us through the canals of Copenhagen which was totally fascinating.


Tivoli Gardens 

  • I was honestly very skeptical of coming here on a vacation since it’s basically an amusement park, but I had the best time.
  • It’s part amusement park, part garden and the garden part is absolutely stunning!



  • This is the palace of the royal family and it’s just stunning! You’re able to stand right in the middle of the square and be surrounded by the four palace buildings


  • Make sure to come during the changing of the guard – it was an awesome sight. When I was there it was from 11:30am – 12pm, but definitely check to make sure that’s still the right time to be there.


My Favorite Food:

Kødbyens Fiskebar

  • If you are a seafood lover this place is incredible!  We had SO many delicious things, including unbelievable oysters and sourdough bread.
  • I can’t guarantee this for you as well, but we were chatty with our server and they ended up giving us a tour of the kitchen as well which was so fabulous.IMG_9924


  • This is a bakery that happens to have incredible pastries (DANISH!) – there are several locations so you can find one that’s close to wherever you’re staying or exploring.


Restaurant Relae

  • If you’re a foodie, this is the place to come! Well, to be honest NOMA is also in Copenhagen which we couldn’t get reservations to, but this place was so fantastic I would totally go back.  If you need more proof, it also happens #39 on the World’s 50 best list.  It is definitely a bit pricey, but SO worth it for a special dinner in Copenhagen.


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